How Meditation Can Change Your Life – Bashar

One meditation that can change your life.
It’s interesting because people are always telling young people that the best thing you can do for your career is go network with people, promote yourself, ask for raises. There are all kinds of different tips and we do slideshows like that all the time on Business Insider. But the most valuable thing that I have done in my career to date is have a meditation practice. This simple video can guide “How Meditation Can Give A Huge Boost To Your Career”


6 thoughts on “How Meditation Can Change Your Life – Bashar

  1. egonl says:

    I completely agree with you. I recently wrote a post about it actually.

    Do you have any specific tips about meditations or go about it in any particular way?

    It’d be interesting to know.

    • Thank you for your such a nice comment. Everybody has there own style of meditation. For me having tranquility is the key thing in meditation or the out come of meditation. So there are several ways.
      I use a technique that is “Conscience breathing. Every time I inhale and exhale I do with Conscience mind. After doing this for a while and I do deep breathing. I get a better feeling, mind gets concentrated. Then I start meditation. It is a small tips that I use. you can try. 🙂

  2. littleboone says:

    Your site is beautiful. Your message is outstanding. The picture of the clock I’ll never forget! Thank you.

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