We are all motivated – either positively or negatively

We are all motivated – either positively or negatively


You are author of your believe

You are author of your believe


When I was 20 years old, I heard a story of two brothers. One was a drug addict and a drunk who frequently  beat up his family . The other was a very successful businessman who was respected in society and had a wonderful family. How could two brothers raised by the same parents, brought up in the same environment, be so different?

The first brother was asked, ‘’ what makes you do what you do ?  you are a drug addict, a drunk, and you beat your family. What motivates you ?’’ He anwered, ‘’ My father. My father was a drug addict, a drunk and he beat his family. What do you expect me to be ? that is what I am . ‘’

The second brother was asked, ‘’ how come you are doing everything right ? what is your source of motivation? ‘’ And guess what he said ? ‘’ My father . When I was a little boy , I used to see my dad drunk and doing all the wrong things. I made up my mind that is not what I wanted to be. ‘’


Both brothers derived their motivation from the same source, but one was using it positively and the other negatively. Negative motivation bring the desire to take the easier way which ends up being the tougher way .


People with positive attitudes , are caring , confident, patient, and gentel. They have high expectations of themselves and others .


The benefits of a positive attitude :

There are many advantages to having a positive attitude.  Some benefits for you ,

Makes a nice personality .

Increases your enjoyment of life.

Inspires others around you

Reduces stress

Better relationship


Start your day

Start your day

Start your day with something positive : )

Read or listen to something positive first thing in the morning . After a good night’s sleep we are relaxed and our subconcious mind become open and can receptive. It sets the tone for the day, and puts us in the right fram of mind to make the day to be a positive day . we need to make a consious effort and make positive thoughts . And it will become a habbit.



Please avoid negative movies and television programs :

Today’s kids are learning their attitudes and values more than television and movies more that from any others source. TV programming and advertisements convey the message that drinking is fun , smoking is glamorous etc.  What ever we watch can subconsciously influence us.  So be aware ….


Winners V/S losers :

  • The winner is always part of the solution or answer.

The loser is always part of the problem.

  • The winner always has a program .

The loser always has an excuse.

  • The winner always face all challenges.

The loser havn’t the guts to face challenges.

  • When a winner makes a mistake, he says, ‘’ I was wrong.’’

When a loser makes a mistake, he says, ‘’ It wasn’t my fault.’’

  • Winners see possibilities .

Losers see problems.


(now you choose , your motivation with the right attitude)



You are aware

You are aware


Action steps :

Look for the positive.

Make a habit of doing it now.

Develop an attitude of gratitude.

Build positive self- esteem.

Stay away from negative influences.

Start your day with something positive.


15 thoughts on “We are all motivated – either positively or negatively

  1. I wholeheartedly agree. Gratitude is my personal favorite, and I try to keep a gratitude journal which I write in at the end of every day. Even on a ‘bad’ day, there’s always something to be grateful for.Thanks for sharing this and for dropping by my blog…:-)

  2. Truly love this post, those brothers each had the same source of upbringing, and each of them have choices…. We each of us have the choice to embrace the positive-good or the negative-bad… Each of us have Free-Will to choose.

    The problem with living in today’s society is that we are influenced greatly by indoctrinated thoughts which are so easily passed through Media and Films, and even through our History books, which one day will need to be re-written, as they teach only that which is being passed on as the Truth from the perceptions which are now rapidly altering.

    I try to avoid the News but I am aware of what is happening within the World, but I refuse to sit and watch the Negative being spun into our homes over and over..

    Waking each day and being grateful for those gifts we often all take for granted is one way I embrace the positive each and every day, Being Thankful helps us open ourselves up to the Universe which allows abundance to flow..

    Thank you for dropping by my Blog today, it has enabled me meet you and I’ve really enjoyed my visit, I hope to be back in the near future

    Have a wonderful rest of your day
    Sue Dreamwalker

  3. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. tahleajaneen says:

    Wonderful, thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts 🙂

  5. Amen! Everything can be turned into a positive slant, and starting your day on a good note electrifies a possitive direction and charges you day right. Great post!

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