How to Overcome Depression Naturally Part 2

What are the ways to overcome depression and get a healthy life ?

Drug and medicationMedication therapy is a common treatment for depression. But  we have to see your current stage of depression .Anti depression medication can help control depression symptoms .it is combined with the other therapies. Most antidepressant medications work by altering chemical reasons in the brain. The chemicals that help brain cells communicate with each helps to promote ‘ feel good’.

Psychotherapy:  Psychotherapy is the most common depression treatment . It is often used with medication. Lifestyle change and other therapies.Psychotherapy is more commonly known as counselling  or talk therapy.

Psychotherapy a professional training about feelings, thoughts, stress , depression and can be used to help troubled relationships.

Healthy eating :  Avoid processed foods, food high in refined sugar it can cause mood fluctuations which you didn’t want. So Always consult with your psychological counselor for your appropriate healthy food chart.

Exercise:  Exercise increases your brain’s production of chemicals, especially it’s antidepressants.

Meditation:  Meditation can help relive anxiety and depression. it is a exercise for mind to getting calm and powefull mind to face your problem.

Sleep :  Sleep is essensial for a person’s physical and mental helth. your depression is depend on your quality of sleep .Most helth expert belive that you should get from seven to nine hourse of sleep per night .  so if you have sleep problem then consult with any doctor or counselor .

Smile :  smile more , live happy . smiles promote the ‘ happy chemical’ in your brain

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6 thoughts on “How to Overcome Depression Naturally Part 2

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