How to Overcome Depression Naturally

 Overcome depression naturally

What Is Depression?

Depression is much more than sad moods or feelings whiche we all occasionaly experience Depression is a coat that you can’t take off no matter how haed you try . it affects how (and what) you see and feel about yourself , your frnds, your family your entire world and worldview.It is a mental helth condition which affects a persons thinking .

On those rare occasions when I have felt depression I have felt depression it feels like I can’t get out of  bed and I am wearing a heavy coat made out of lead. I have no motivation. Putting one foot of the other takes a tremendous amout of effort. I only can see gray . problems are there  and what can’t be done. I feel hopeless.  There is only cloudy sky , darkness , no light .how depression sounding , and yet, how real this feelings is for those who experience it.

People who are depressed feel just that . like they are below ground level emotionally and that their world is dark and gray. They have no hope.

Why are you sad

Why are you sad

Danger Zone of depression- suicidal ideation ( thinking about suicide)

Sometimes people who are depressed will feel that have very little reason to live and become suicidal in their is most dangerous zone of depression . People in this state need to be connected to healthy, loving, supportive and caring people to ensure their safety and act as their candle in their personal darkness.


What causes depression?

There is no one specifice cause of deperession . it is a often a combination of factors, such as genetic/ biological and situational. It may be a case of low level of neurotransmitters ( I.E ‘ happy chemicals’) in the brain.

During winter months it is common for people to develop SAD  ( seasonal affective disorder) . This depressive disorders due to lack of sunshine ( vitamin D).

Sometimes doctors or psychological counsellors see people who present as ‘depressed’ and treat them as such however they are actually in the down-swing of their bi-poler disorder and were ‘manic’ or ‘ really really happy ‘ ( high level mood ) for  just a few days  or weeks earlier.

Many clints seapks about ‘ situational depression’, Meaning their current situation is one fraught with loss, fear, trauma, abuse,neglect, anxity and a lack of healthy and loving social or human connection.sometimes they are with an abusive and uncaring spouse or partner  ( have a spuse who ignore you). Even more depression is that like you are powerless and have to live this way, or that you can’t do any better.

As well as external relationships being a cause of depression.the reflect of your innerself is your external relationships. And The inner relationships we have with ourselves and or with our past history can also cause depression. Often come to  a doctors or a counsellor  with anger , short temper, sadness and or depression . And it’s discovered that in their  childhood or young adulthood they were abused or neglected and that is why they started to  mentally and emotionally negeclet and abuse themselves.    emotional memory of past create psychological blockage in our subconscious mind and we  become depressed . doctors and psychological counsellors  clear the blockage and help them to lead a helthy life.


What are the symptoms of depression?

Some common symptoms of depression:

  • Loss of energy
  • Poor memory
  • Anger , irritability
  • Feeling hopeless and helpless
  • Inability to sleep or sleeping too much
  • Alcohol or drug use is more than normal
  • low self esteem with feelings of worthless or guilt
  • decrease or increase in appetite ( weight loss or weight gain)
  • loss of interest in sex, activities which you used to enjoy
  • thinking that life is not worth living ( seek help immediately if this is the case)

How does depression impact you ?

There are many ways that depression can impact you and or your loving someone

Suicidal ideation– do not do this . If you feel like this please call your local emergency number . or go to your nearest hospital and tell them you feel like dying. Call a family members or friend who cares about you , you can contact with us  but do not do this .

Lack of motivation to do anything – It can lead to a loss of friends, social connection and increase your depression.

Self-harm – cutting, pinching or otherwise hurting yourself

Relationship stress or loss – no longer attachement as children , parents, spouse avoid you

Employment stess or loss  – job stress  due to lack of attendance or interest

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